We Are All In This Together

As humans, we like pubs because they are social spaces. Whether it's The Sympathetic Ear of the bartender, a quiet drink with an old pal, or a raucous night making friends with the whole pub - there's so many different occasions to visit the boozer. It's something that we all nostalgically associate with good times. It's relaxation. It's winding down, and sometimes winding up. The closure of pubs, bars and restaurants really heralded the severity of the incoming pandemic for many of us, and we've been left feeling - well, bereft.

Fortunately, it seems like we're coming out of the depths of lockdown and reopening of pubs (with restrictions) is scheduled for 4 July. Despite that, there will be significant changes within the pub industry, and it will be tough for many. Re-opening is not a magic wand that can make everything ok and some people in the licensed trade will be struggling. So it's apt that our version of All Together is released now.

All Together is a worldwide collaboration hosted by the wonderful Other Half Brewing with the aim of raising funds to help those in the hospitality industry who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. You can read more about this open-ended collaboration at https://alltogether.beer/ and see some of the other breweries that have taken part. It's a simple and great idea by Other Half - they suggested a recipe and can artwork, and breweries across the world can get involved. They put it much like we would: "it's all about community".

Canopy will donate £1 from each can that we sell retail, or £5 from each case sold to trade to the Licensed Trade Charity to support bar, pub and brewery workers. The Licensed Trade Charity offers practical, emotional and financial help to those working in the licensed trade, and we're pleased to be able to support the work that they are doing.

What about the beer? Well, Other Half are known for their juicy New England style IPAs and were one of the breweries who were really influential in developing the style a few years ago. We last went to New York in 2017 and made sure to visit their tap room, which back then was much like ours is now - a bit ramshackle and cosy! It was an absolute delight to be there and those memories mean that we're even happier to play our part in the All Together beer. It was a sweltering May afternoon and the Brooklyn Half Marathon had just finished. The Other Half tap room was crammed with swathes of New Yorkers fresh from their run, rehydrating with 6-8% IPAs. I was astounded and impressed - Americans have amazing constitutions. Enough reminiscing - our version of All Together is actually a West Coast style IPA, so it's packed full of pithy fruit flavours. A bright, punchy beer - you can't go wrong with mosaic, simcoe, citra and cascade hops.

We hope you enjoy this beer. We feel that we have been really supported by our community throughout some tough times and we are pleased to be able to pass that on and support others with our contributions to The Licensed Trade Charity.

Do something for you, for us, and for someone else, easy! Buy here.

We are all in this together ❤️

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