Urban Hill Climb

The Urban Hill Climb does everything it says on the tin. Held by our good friends over at Rollapaluza, it's a bike race, against the clock, up one of London's steepest hills past Highgate Cemetery and along Swain's Lane. With categories for youth, vets, male and female, folding and cargo bike, there's no reason not to enter if you enjoy suffering on your bike. There's a strange exhilaration to a hill climb, a purity to the struggle.

We're there for the support gang, the dedicated ones cheering loved ones and strangers up the hill equally. We'll be bringing the beer, since our hillclimb days are long over (and in some cases, never really got started). And with a bar in the event village at the bottom of the hill and one at the course finish, we're there for everyone who makes it up the hill, whatever your time or mode of transport.

The cargo bike category will be transporting 30kg of beer up the hill as part of their challenge, eyes out for anyone drinking the cargo on the way up!

With some gentle encouragement from Caspar at Rollapaluza, we are aiming to make this event as waste-conscious as possible. We won't be bringing disposable plastic glasses, instead we have loaned reusable polycarbonate glasses from the Friends of Herne Hill Velodrome. We'll be asking for a £1 deposit with your pint of beer, and you can either return your glass and get your deposit back or you can take it home as a souvenir. Other beer and soft drinks will be in can (infinitely recyclable) and we'll bring the recycling bins too.

Come support these cycling heroes on Saturday 29 September: http://www.urbanhillclimb.com

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