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Sometimes we say “it’s only beer”.

Here at Canopy we like to think it’s more than beer.

It’s about you and us, and our beer is the space between us. It’s what bridges us, what brings us together.

We feel very rooted in our community - both our local community and our wider community - friends, conversationalists, dog-walkers, all are welcome. We celebrate passion and having a go over perfect results.

Honestly, we didn’t plan for a pandemic. C’mon, did you?! But it was in the depths of the dark times that we realised how strong our community is. You lifted us up, you gave us hope. You did all that you could: you went online and ordered beer.

In times when you can’t get a supermarket delivery for weeks, if at all, we decided that our small size was our strength. We decided to do things differently, and better. Offering next day delivery to our local customers we’ve trawled the once deserted streets of London, knocking on doors and leaving parcels of happiness in our wake.

At the same time we felt bad that all we were doing was delivering beer. It seems flippant and frivolous sometimes, beer. We wanted to say thanks to those within our community who were doing the serious work of saving lives. So we asked Steve, one of our tap room regulars, who’s an ICU nurse at St Thomas’ hospital if we could send his team some beer. Hell yes! they said. So off we went. We didn’t have much stock available so we sent what we could. And then we carried on sending what we could each week. We added an option on our website for you to contribute, allowing us to send more. We sent beer to other hospitals too - King’s College and Great Ormond Street hospitals in London and York and Scarborough Hospitals.

Somewhere along the road we lost count of how many beers we sent out, because we did this to give these key workers a bit of a nice thing, not to tell you about it. I know, I know, we ARE telling you - but that’s because because you contributed, you helped us to do this with the 366 NHS beers you've bought so far on our webshop. We think that the total number is coming up to 2,000 beers now and hopefully a few more still to go.

Thank you, for supporting us. We're here for you.

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