Melissa Kitty Jarram x Doyenne Skateboards

Doyenne Skateboards is a Glasgow based un-gendered skateboarding brand made by women to support minorities and empower disadvantaged youth through skateboarding.

Melissa Kitty is a London based artist whose work maintains a strong focus on the female form, but does so from the female gaze; exploring themes of identity and self-discovery, inspired by surrealism, mythology, and folk-art.

For this show Melissa has created a collection of work centered on the way that skateboarding can create a space of inclusivity for the “outcasts” of society, which helps to promote self-empowerment and friendships.

Exhibition 24 August 2018 at Assembly Point Gallery in Peckham. A share of all proceeds will go to Skatepal. We were super happy to be able to support this exhibition in the best way we know how - with BEER.

Instagram: @melissakittyj @doyenneskateboards


Tigertigerweb 850
Melissa Tshirt Mockup Front
Calypso Web 1340 C
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