Leap Green Hop: community grown beer

For the past 3 years we have worked in collaboration with a network of local hop growers to produce a beer that is made with fresh green hops. The Brixton Beer Co is a collective of patchwork farmers led by Ann Bodkin who are passionate about the whole process of beer-making and drinking and it is great to be able to put their annual harvest to it's intended use in our beer.

For us it's a great opportunity to work with the local community, to make a beer that is truly local. The fresh hops make a beer that is zingy, light and fresh and the hops this year are particularly fragrant. Most of the beer goes into cask, to promote the very English-ness of this beer, but for the first time this year we will be canning a small amount as well.

To find out more check @BrixtonBeerCo on twitter


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